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When You Need To Know

The need to know is a natural facet of the human mind. But when the mystery is the unknown cause of a collapsed building, or what caused the spark that grew into a damaging fire, it’s more than just simple curiosity. It’s thousands, sometimes millions of dollars on the line. Maybe it’s your business involved. And those factors make it your business to know. And that is our business


National Loss Consultants of Houston, Texas understands this need to know. And we use our years of experience and intense training to compliment our natural curiosity. Which is why National Loss Consultants has the expertise and the dedication to discover the cause of product or component failure, to determine how a fire began, to find the answers to questions regarding structural or civil engineering failure. Through our dedicated team of professionals, we bring many aspects of investigation to your problem. We are fire investigation experts, knowledgeable consultants and trained engineers. And in our years of experience, we have worked with fire and police departments, engineers and aviation and aerospace industries around the country.

But it is our understanding of the importance of your need to know that you have the best in National Loss Consultants for your case. That understanding has resulted in our success, as well as hundreds of satisfied clients. And because we understand the urgency of our cases, we are available 24 hours a day to offer national and international investigation services to you. So, when your need to know is vital, know what company to call – National Loss Consultants.